Welcome on our homepage.

Our camping site is located at the Main, directly beside the open-rir swimming pool. The entrance into the open-rir swimming pool is included in the price. The camping site had over a kiosk with daily fresh baking goods and a Bistro with beer garden with German and Italian kitchen.

You reach the beautiful old part of town of Karlstadt to foot in approx in 5 minutes. There are numerous leisure-time facilities in direct proximity, e.g. cones, fishing rods drive against fee with daily map, bicycle, moving, riding, would be tennis, or as it with a round flight with an engine or a glider or with a riverboat to Würzburg or Gemünden on the Main?

Our camping site is opened from April to October.

We are pleased already today to be allowed to welcome you with us. Short call or fax is sufficient.


Pächter: Gabi Pinna & Guido Amthor
97753 Karlstadt - Baggertsweg 6
Telefon: 0 93 53 / 99 61 07     

E-Mail: info@campingplatz-karlstadt.de

Hot Spot

    On the camping site you have now
    the possibility of going with your
    laptop against fee into the InterNet.


    They do not have a laptop with itself??
    No problem!! Use one of our terminals
    nevertheless. Thus no important message
    escapes you more.